bike wheel
bike wheel


Ultimate traction control for your Mountain Bike

Adjust your Tire Pressure on the Go – As many times as you like !

Efficient Inflation
Any Time!

Deflates on Command
while Pedaling

Deflating the tire by storig it's air in the wheel

Fully-integrated Hub, compatible with any Modern Mountain Bike

Why Tire Pressure Regulation ?

Better Performance

We are all concerned with our energy requirements to keep the bike speeding forward in any circumstance.

Having the correct tire pressure for a given surface condition can save up to over 15% in otherwise wasted energy.


Getting the best traction on any surface depends on optimizing the tire’s contact-patch grip on the ever-changing terrain.


If you love to ride hard, now you can do it through all terrains and weather conditions!


We all hate it when the bike kicks us hard in all directions.


Let’s face it: crashing hurts… and hard crashing breaks precious stuff (including yourself).


“Tire pressure, and the ability to change it for different conditions, is the key to fat biking and to enjoying your rides. Fat Bike tires are very sensitive to tire pressure changes. Because of the large volume of air a difference of just 1 or 2 PSI will make a noticeable difference in how the tire interacts with the terrain.”
Source: Fat-Bike.com – largest website dedicated to Fat Bike news

This is a very interesting project. It’s something we at Ibis have been thinking about for a long time. Glad to see someone is trying it.

SCOT NICOLFounder - Ibis Cycles

“Fat Bikes are great fun, they can ride everywhere and they provide a lower rolling resistance than narrow tires, if they are set to the appropriate tire pressure. But that’s the main issue! Stepping off the bike to adjust tire pressure takes too much time.  A system that would allow me to adjust the pressure on the fly would be great and I would prefer WhiteCrow’s mechanical solution. That way you can just pick your bike for a ride instead of worry about an empty battery or CO2 canister!”

ARNOUT MATTHYSFirst biker on one leg to finish the 650Km Crocodile Trophy (on a Fat Bike)

“Impressive!!! This looks amazing. We are very much looking forward installing the WhiteCrow Hub on our Fat Bikes!!!”

FAT BIKE BARCELONADavid Espallargas - Founder

“As a competitive Fat Bike racer I need every advantage I can get. Often during races the snow conditions on the trail change and as little as a 1/2 psi tire pressure adjustment can make the difference between winning and losing. Having the ability to adjust tire pressures while on the bike keeps me moving efficiently and the WhiteCrow Hub is a promising approach.”

GABE KLAMERWinner 200 KM Fat Pursuit 2016

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